01. What is ASR?

ASR is a automatic speech recognition (ASR) or say computer speech recognition. Vspeech.ai Technology specializes in building ASR specific technology for its customer and partners.

02. Does speech recognition works for my YouTube Video? Does VSpeech.ai support that?

Our ASR Engine is very client or industry specific. We follow pretty use-case specific solution. Speech recognition used for assistant based apps looks different than one use at call center.

03. Does it support Multi-Lingual?

Yes, we have advance technology works with multiple languages. Specially in India, Technology can support Hindi-English like multi language dialects. Hindish are supported in specific use-case.

04. What is audio requirement?

You must have headphone or mobile device to speak to a system, we works with 8 KHz Mono data in most of cases. For specific requirement, we support 16 KHz Mono.

05. Are you support Speaker Diarization?

Sometime in one audio, There might be one Agent and one Customer, Our Technology can separate humans speaking in conversions.

06. Do you have TTS?

Yes, we do have a Text to Speech to support use-case like Voice Bot.

07. What is average Turnaround time for processing of audio?

Audio chunks support real time while large file execute in 5X ration. 5 Minutes of audio process in 1 minute on our servers.

08. Does this support in call center?

Technology is build specific to call center IVR customers, Check out this section.

09. Do you have Voice analysis software?

We do Voice data Analytics are large scale. Check out our product page for different voice Analysis products.

10. Is there any limit in audio data inputs?

For file mode, there is no limit. In case of stream, Max 15 seconds allowed as stream.

11. Which Languages supported?

Our Platform support English and Hindi currently, we do have capability to create any languages around the world.

12. Does API support .NET interface or Java or PHP interface?

We have HTTP/HTTPS/Socket API which support on all platform.

13. Does it supported in Offline mode?

Right now product only support online mode, we have perpetual license available for enterprise customers.